Terms and Conditions

01 | Identification of the Domain Holder www.homestar.pt

The website www.homestar.pt is intended for the dissemination and commercialization of construction materials through Ulisancas, Lda., Headquartered at Rua da República-Manjoeira, 2660 455 Santo Antão and São Julião do Tojal, with NIPC 505 170 450 and under this number enrolled in the Loures Commercial Registry.
For any clarification related to this website, or with the present General Conditions of Use and Contracting, the homestar can be contacted through the following means:

Email: [email protected];
Adress: R. João Domingos Duarte, 12 – Zona Industrial. Qtª do Lago Armazém 4 – 2660 – 194 Stº Antão do Tojal;
Phone: 219 747 021 – Hours: Monday to Friday, from 09h to 13h and from 14h to 18h.

02 | Scope and Purpose of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the users of the site www.homestar.pt and to any operations and transactions, of a commercial or other nature, carried out on this site.
The navigation on the site, as well as the purchase of any product through the homestar store, implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the user.
Ulisancas reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, such changes being published in the Terms and Conditions area at www.homestar.pt

03 | Intellectual property

The website www.homestar.pt, as well as all its contents, are protected under the Law of Intellectual Property, in particular by copyright and industrial property. Any use, reproduction or full or partial mention of its contents is prohibited, constituting a crime when carried out without the prior authorization of Ulisancas.
The use of the homestar.pt domain or links to it for abusive purposes, and without prior authorization, may be susceptible of recourse to the competent legal means by Ulisancas.
Ulisancas disclaims any responsibility for the abusive placement of links to the domain www.homestar.pt in other pages, on the provenance of these pages and on the contents inscribed in them.

The use and processing of personal data collected on the site www.homestari.pt, is carried out in strict compliance with Law no. 67/98, of October 26, and is the responsibility of Ulisancas.
Ulisancas guarantees the security, privacy and confidentiality of personal and other data provided by its users at the time of registering, ordering and / or payment at homestar.pt, with the purpose of using Ulisancas in their processing of orders and billing
Unless otherwise objected to by the user, the data and information provided may be used by Ulisancas for promotional, advertising and / or marketing purposes, being processed by computer and stored in the Ulisancas database.
Users have the right to access, rectify and cancel their data. Through the option “My account”, you can consult or change your personal data, edit your address book or change your password.
If you wish to cease to be part of the Ulisancas database, you may exercise this right through the following means:
Email: [email protected];
Address: R. João Domingos Duarte, 12 – Industrial Zone. Qtª do Lago Warehouse 4 – 2660 – 194 Stº Antão do Tojal;
Telephone: 219 747 021 – Business hours: Monday to Friday, from 09h to 13h and from 14 to 18h.
By providing your data, you are requested to express authorization to receive information about products and services that may be of interest to you. This authorization allows Ulisancas to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, through any communication channel, namely through electronic mail, SMS or other forms of automatic calling.
Ulisancas will not market or share its user database with third parties.

05 | Computer security

The website www.homestar.pt is equipped with security systems in order to ensure the protection of the data entered by users, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to data, improper use, dissemination, loss or destruction.
It is, however, your responsibility to ensure that the computer you are using is properly protected from harmful software, computer viruses and worms. In this regard it is recommended that you always take into account the following safety recommendations:
– Do not use public computers to enter personal data, such as credit card numbers,
– Safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data;
– Do not forget your access codes and password;
– When you have finished accessing your personal area, always logout through “Logout”;
– Regularly clean the cache (temporary files) of your computer.
– Erase private information from your computer’s disk.
– Always use an updated antivirus on your computer;
– Make sure your Windows or Mac is up to date If you have the Windows operating system, use the automatic updates, which help you correct any possible security holes that may exist.
– Use a firewall enabled.

06 | Online pricing policy and product information

Ulisancas reserves the right at any time and without notice to modify the information and commercial offer presented on: products, prices and promotional campaigns, commercial conditions and services.
All the promotional campaigns carried out on homestar.pt have a limited stock.
The products and prices published are exclusive to purchases made on this site, and delivered in Continental Portugal. Ulisancas does not deliver or ship products abroad through the site. If you need to contact Ulisancas, in order to guarantee this service.
Ulisancas makes every effort to ensure that the information presented, in particular as regards the characteristics of the products and their prices, is free from errors and, as soon as possible, corrects them. In case of doubt or clarification, the user may contact Ulisancas through one of the means of contact available. In the event that the information presented is subject to an error, the user is entitled to terminate the purchase and sale agreement in accordance with applicable legal terms.

07 | Ordering process online

The realization of purchases through the site www.homestar.pt implies a previous registration by the user, by completing the registration form made available for this purpose.
Once registered, simply add all the items you want to purchase in the virtual shopping cart. You should follow all the steps of the purchase so that it is completed successfully. The validation of the purchase order assumes that the user has taken note of and accepts these Terms and Conditions.
In case of unavailability of the product and / or stock break, the user is informed of the partial or total cancellation of his order with the right to reimbursement of the amount paid.
As soon as you complete your purchase, the user will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction, along with the respective detail. If you identify any abnormal situation, the user should contact Ulisancas immediately, through one of the means available for this purpose.

08 | Availability of products from online orders

Ulisancas only processes an order made at www.homestar.pt, after confirming its payment by the user, and Ulisancas, can not guarantee the availability of the articles until the beginning of said processing.
The products presented in homestar.pt, are subject to the availability and quality of the existing stock.

09 | Delivery of orders online

After confirming payment of the purchase made, Ulisancas will begin the preparation and delivery of the merchandise, duly conditioned, at the address mentioned by the user in the checkout process. The estimated delivery date will be after 24h / 48h, during the working days.
Deliveries are made on weekdays, in the period between 09:00 and 18:00.
In the event that one of the ordered products is not available in stock, Ulisancas will contact you by email or telephone, from the date of payment of the order, in order to inform you a new delivery period. Ulisancas may suggest to the user the choice of a product with equivalent quality and price to replace the unavailable product. In case of refusal by the user, Ulisancas will refund the amount paid for the product.
If Ulisancas does not provide the user with the item (s) purchased by the user within 30 days from the date of validation of the purchase, Ulisancas may withdraw from the purchase, granting it a right to restitution of the value paid out. Except for the circumstantialities set forth in the current legislation, namely the exercise of the right of free resolution, or the unavailability of stock, any withdrawal of the purchase by the user implies the loss, by this, of the amount paid.
Costs of delivery in mainland Portugal of the products purchased in homestar.pt, are variable and calculated based on the typology of the articles, and the cost is duly presented at the time of purchase.

10 | Payment methods

For payment of purchases made on homestar Online, the customer may use the following means:
– Bank transfer
– Other forms of payment are guaranteed by EasyPay and PayPal secure payment systems

11 | Online Shopping Cancellation Policy

Purchases made at www.homestar.pt may be canceled, as described below.
Failure to pay the order within 20 business days after the date it was made implies the automatic cancellation of the order.

12 | Ulisancas’ business satisfaction and return policy

Ulisancas, under its Commercial Policy of Satisfaction Return, guarantees the reimbursement of the amount of its purchase, provided that the Client guarantees the following requirements:
– 15 days after purchase of the item
– Present the purchase or invoice
– Present the article properly packed, with all its components, accessories and in perfect state of conservation
The following items are not covered by the Satisfaction Return Policy:
– With signs of use, installation or assembly
– Evidence of misuse
12. a | Cancellation or return of purchases online:
These conditions are exclusively applicable to purchases made at www.homestar.pt.
The communication of the resolution shall be made by the user of Ulisancas by electronic mail, or by some other unequivocal means, of the free-form template. The exercise of the right of free resolution shall take place within 14 days from the day on which the person himself or the third party appointed by him (other than the carrier) acquires the physical possession of the goods or, if the purchase relates to several articles, that the proper one, or third by him indicated (except the transporter), acquires the physical possession of the last good.
Within the period indicated, the user may also exercise the right of free resolution at the premises of Ulisancas, suffice for that purpose to clearly and unequivocally state that intention and to proceed, if possible, to return the items purchased.
In view of the aforementioned resolution, Ulisancas will reimburse the user of all payments made by it. The refund of the amounts paid by the user will occur within 14 days after Ulisancas has been informed of the contractual resolution, and will be made through the same means of payment that the user used in the initial transaction.
As long as the goods are not received, or the user does not prove their return, Ulisancas may retain the reimbursement of the amounts spent by the user.
The user must keep the goods in order to be able to return them to Ulisancas under proper conditions of use, with all its components and accessories, being able to, with due care, inspect and manipulate the good.
12. b | Refund:
In the event of return of a product purchased online store, under the terms and conditions above, Ulisancas will reimburse the customer for the price corresponding to the items purchased within a maximum period of 14 days after the return and through the payment method used by the Customer in the act of purchase.
The refund is made by the same means of payment or in credit to the account Ulisancas Online, according to the will expressed by the Client.
In the event that you have received damaged or defective articles, Ulisancas will arrange the collection of the same in the place you indicate us, in the same area of ​​shipment of the original order, without any charges for the Customer.
Returns will only be made after checking the status of the product.

13 | After Sales Service

Any request for clarification, suggestion or complaint should be directed to Ulisancas, through one of the following means:
Sending registered mail;
R. João Domingos Duarte, 12 – Industrial Zone. Qtª do Lago Warehouse 4 – 2660 – 194 Stº Antão do Tojal;
Ulisancas offers you a wide range of products online and guarantees the maximum quality of the products, being the products commercialized in homestar Online covered by a warranty of two years, in the terms legally anticipated.